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Metallica – Designer Fan

Meet the fan that’s quietly confident. Complete with a multi coloured LED kit and a remote control set. The beauty of the ‘Metallica’ modern-designer fan lies in its minimalistic design accentuated by its matte silver finish. Buy cheapest Designer fan online. Buy Fan with LED Light online.  

Venus Plus – Designer Fan

Much like the planet it gets its name from, this fan’s unique scythe-shaped retractable blades cause a ring-like illusion when in full swing. This next-gen contemporary fan is equipped with a radio- frequency remote control as well as an LED light kit too. Buy Stylish Designer Fan with LED light. Buy best Designer Fan for dining room with LED Light.

Victoria- Designer Fan

Take a tour in history to the Victorian era- one that redefined class and vitality. The Victoria combines an ornate red brass dome with an exquisite ring of LED lights to create a classy aura. The pull chain mechanism adds the vital touch of retro that makes this vintage designer fan so special. Buy best Designer Fan online, Buy Stylish Fan with LED Light online, Buy Fan for dining room with LED Light.

WAVE BROWN LED – Designer Fan

A little wavy, a little woody, and a whole lot beautiful. A truly unique design that draws inspiration from the ocean’s majestic and graceful yet playful wave formations. Buy Designer Wooden Ceiling Fan online. Buy Stylish Fan with LED Light online.

Windflower – Designer Fan

A new age multi-colour LED chandelier fan that introduces a new concept of personalisation. Its mood lighting allows you to set the tone of your evening and its vortex blades that are small yet powerful gives you a deceptively breezy experience without compromising on the strong aesthetic. Buy Best Designer Fan for Dining Room online. Buy Stylish Fan with LED Light online. Buy Designer Imported Fan online.