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Avalon (White/Silver)

Inspired by the island of paradise, the Avalon is a 6 bladed ceiling fan that is ready to adorn your living spaces with an enviable cooling ability. Reeking of elegance and style, it comes with 3 different LED lighting variations. Sleek, never looked this stylish before, and is now available in white and silver.

Dark shadow

Here’s a fan that wins blades down – literally. Yet another shining example of the creativity in the Fanzart think-tank, this remote-controlled beauty comes with specially-designed, foldable, transparent acrylic-fine blades. Available in both matt silver as well as black colour schemes, the ‘Shadow’ is also equipped with a light kit.

Dew Drops (Chrome/Black)

Inspired by one of the most beautiful sights found in nature, ‘DEWDROPS’ lets you relive the freshness of dawn everytime you lay your eyes on this spectacle of grandeur. LED lights make the drop-shaped crystals that adorn the dome glisten,as the scythe-shaped blades fill the room with cool breeze in this blissful blend of cutting-edge technology and ethereal beauty. Complete with a remote control, Dew Drops is definitely a designer fan that has it all.


“Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” Be it the reversible dual colour special wooden blades or the captivating design of the LED mounted dome, the ‘Elegance’ wooden-classical fan has all it takes to linger in the minds of onlookers.


Fan meets modern art. This intricately designed fan with intertwined LED art, that not only illuminates your room but gives you a powerful breeze. Introducing vortex blades, a new blade technology that displaces a voluminous amount of air. This 11-inch radius fan speeds up to 400 RPM, displacing 8,000 CFM of air (something a 5-foot fan does).


Shaped similar to the attractive white-colour Magnolia flower, the Magnolia fan comes with 5 beautiful ABS blades that give a very refreshing breeze to any room that it may be in as well as an LED light in the middle that comes with 4 light options - Warm, Day, White AND mood lighting, which contributes greatly to any ambience. The beautiful matte white finish, along with the mood lighting and refreshing breeze makes Magnolia a new benchmark of desire.


In a Church, God is said to be Trinity in unity! This unique fan brings to you a unique experience of 3 fans rotated by 1 fan head with a LED light kit in the centre, illuminating and airing the entire room. With a gunmetal housing and 9 mix resin blades, this fan is one-of-a-kind.

Venus (White/Coffee)

Ravishing retractable blades with customisable domes –– the Venus saves space, and looks absolutely stunning while doing so. Available in two colours, its multicoloured LED hues emit an aura of resplendence. The best things in life, as they say, come in small packages.

Wind – O

A remarkable feat of engineering, the Pluto boasts a laudably compact design. The high quality special wooden blades come in a reversible dual colour scheme, which makes this fan an interior designer’s dream.