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Inspired by one of the greatest symbols of female beauty, the Diana’s sheer elegance and classy design is sure to remind the onlooker of the princess once hailed as the embodiment of pulchritude. In addition to the exquisite artwork and regal wooden blades, this remarkable feat of engineering and creativity comes with a twin-bulb light kit and a remote control option.

Melody – Designer Fan

Multi-functionality is a desired trait alright, but how about a fan that can make you dance to its tunes? Feel the power and panache of a fan that’s built with bluetooth speakers that will make you groove to its tunes and hymn to its melody –– all while doing the job its meant to do to perfection anyway! Buy the smallest fan with LED Light online. Buy smallest fan with speaker online.  

Pluto – Designer Fan

A remarkable feat of engineering, the Pluto boasts of a laudably compact design. The high quality special wooden blades come in a reversible dual colour scheme, which makes this fan an interior designer’s dream.

Propeller (Ms/Ab/Silver)

Here’s a fan for those who love to fly. Be it the special treated plywood blades modelled around jet plane propellers or the multi-coloured LED mounted dome, this stylish modern remote controlled fan has all it takes to sweep you off your feet.

Saturn – Designer Fan

Much like the planet it gets its name from, this fan’s unique scythe-shaped retractable blades cause a ring-like illusion when in full swing. This next-gen contemporary fan is equipped with a radio- frequency remote control as well as an LED light kit too. Buy Designer Fan online with LED light . Buy Fan for Dining room online.

Seagull – Designer Fan

Inspired by the wings of this maritime beauty, the SEAGULL, comes with White and Chameleon-colour ABS blades and a bright LED light. This fan challenges conventional norms by spinning clockwise to give you a cool breeze. Feel the wind under the wings of a SEAGULL!!

Shimmer – Designer Fan

Discover Shimmer - a stylish, glittery and musical ceiling fan from Fanzart. The Shimmer comes with retractable blades and a three-colour LED light dome. The addition of glitter makes it look like the night sky, making it perfect to sleep under. Equipped with blue-tooth speakers, here’s a fan that doesn’t just keep your room cool, but helps you chill out. Shimmer is Best Designer Ceiling Fan for Dining room. Buy online stylish Designer Fan with LED LAMP.    


Feel a sense of grandeur but not a sense of deceit! The TROJAN is a vintage fan that comes with wooden paintbrush-finished blades and an antique-looking mild steel housing. Wake up to a piece of history! Also available in white colour.

White Knight LED – Designer Fan

Like James Gordon said in the movie, “This is the hero your bedroom deserves”. With palm-shaped blades packed into a sleek futuristic design, the Dark Knight can also light up your rooms with its multi-colour LED kit. What’s more? It’s available in 2 colour schemes. So, for Batman fanatics, you could choose between Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent. Buy Cheapest Designer Fan online. Buy fan with LED Light for Dining room.