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Inspired by one of the greatest symbols of female beauty, the Diana’s sheer elegance and classy design is sure to remind the onlooker of the princess once hailed as the embodiment of pulchritude. In addition to the exquisite artwork and regal wooden blades, this remarkable feat of engineering and creativity comes with a twin-bulb light kit and a remote control option.

Invento LED

Quintessence of man’s ability to ideate and invent, the Invento is the world’s first recessed false ceiling fan. Perfect for offices, retail showrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and low ceilings, this technological marvel obviates the need for an air-conditioner and lets you enjoy its chill breeze with your ceiling left flat and unblemished – too good to be true eh?

Invento Slim LED

Just because you got it, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it. Understated and veiled from prying eyes, the Invento Slim is a true fan for your false ceiling

Venus (White/Coffee)

Ravishing retractable blades with customisable domes –– the Venus saves space, and looks absolutely stunning while doing so. Available in two colours, its multicoloured LED hues emit an aura of resplendence. The best things in life, as they say, come in small packages.